Corinne Krych

Senior IT Consultant for Red Hat

15 years experience

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My Values
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Part I


Mobile for Fun

To start with, I think Mobile is all about fun.

Writing Mobile apps sounds like having fun.

Playing with HTML5 and its canvas magic

Push Notification

Real notification between browsers:

  • Simple server with Atmosphere, Server-Side Event
  • Server pushed to Cloud foundry


  • Asynchronous programmation
  • Blocking I/O vs. Event-Driven I/O

I could have used node.js or vertx

Offline and Synchronization

Saving local data

Back to our BS Bingo game, do you want to add new keywords?

Suppose we want to have thematic cards, and then share them to other users adding them to the Deck. It's just sending data server side and save them.

Queuing Offline

But you're on a mobile right. What happens if you add a new deck and your internet connection went down. Need to work offline

Online Synchro

When the connection's back you want to synchro your data. But if your multi users one of your co-worker might have updated some data in your deck...

Part II

Groovy, Grails

Grails and Groovy Passionate
Grails Plugin Developer

Groovy DSL

Part III

When Grails meets Mobile


Writing Grails plugins for Mobile webapps

What's next?

Working on AeroGear with...
Female geek. Proud to become #RedHatter

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