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Sebastien Blanc

Mobile Web Apps are the future !!

Local Storage, Synchronization, Geolocation, PhoneGap : Just ask or read

Develop for Android using HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript

Grails Addict

Corinne Krych

Freelance Developer

I love chatting the latest tech trends at coffee break: female geek -what do you expect-

Social coding fan: tweet me

Grails Addict

Fabrice Matrat

Why should I wait ?

Architect in bank, multimedia, insurance, travel industry

Obsessed with asynchronous behavior

Mathieu Bruyen

When it comes to playing at night...

alternate JVM languages and web technologies come from darkness.

Love to understand the internals of what I use to then use a framework abstracting the annoying bits. Algorithmics, maths and a bit of DIY welcome too.

Passionate about JavaScript