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Hybrid Mobile App in minutes



Fabrice Matrat

Sebastien Blanc

Corinne Krych

Mathieu Bruyen


Mobile Web App

What is a mobile web app?

Size matters...



Surviving offline

How to...

Responsive Web Design

What is it?
No more zooming, scrolling!

Which techniques?
. media queries
. fluid grid
. fexible images

Progressive enhancement

Which tools?

Going native

as hybrid


PhoneGap Build

Full-Stack Framework

. Presentation
. Business logic
. Persistence
. Build & Test
. Documentation

An evolution

Leverages existing resources
(works with "JVM friendly" hardware, software and humans)
Build upon industry-proven technologies
(established, well tested and scalable Java frameworks & libraries)

Convention over Configuration

. No more painful XML settings

. 80 / 20 rule

. Don't repeat yourself (DRY)

Domain Driven Design

. Focus on the domain, rather than technology

. Rapid prototyping

. Adaptable architecture

Magic Scaffolding

Grails Plugin System

. 1000+ plugins
. Modularized app architecture
. Reuse established Java libraries

Grails Mobile Plugin

jQuery Mobile scaffolding

by R. Fletcher & S. Blanc
by S. Blanc
Spring mobile
by S. Blanc
HTML5 mobile scaffolding
by 3musket33rs
PhoneGap build
by 3musket33rs


Dynamic language

running on the JVM
Modern features
closure, collection...

Statically type check

and statically compiled ideal for Java scripting
Almost-zero learning curve
Domain-Specific Language
Perfect companion for embedded DSL
Spock awsome testing framework
Gradle official Android build system
Simplify mocking testing

syntax sugar less punctuation scripting binding no getter setter map named parameters closure GString public visibility return statement optional groovy truth operator overloading GroovyMarkup method pointer runtime transformation MOP Expando Categories methodMissing command chaining compile time transformation AST transformation CST transformation

Demo time!

Some links

Special Thanks

Sebastien Blanc
David Trattnig

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